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Google Analytics Premium – More Actionable Data for the Enterprise

Google recently announced that they are now providing an enterprise-level analytics package. The new package, Google Analytics Premium, is currently available in the US, UK and Canada for an annual subscription fee. Companies using the package will receive a more comprehensive version of the standard Google Analytics. With lifted data limits, advanced analysis and attribution modeling tools, 24/7 dedicated service and SLAs – corporate power users are finally getting an enterprise-strength analytics product from Google.

Data Driven Decisions

According to Google, the premium version will enable companies to make more “data-driven decisions” with raw data transformed into business insights which in turn translates into action.

Kampyle’s Google Analytics Integration With Kampyle’s Google Analytics integration, providing actionable data is core to what we do. Our customer feedback solutions complement and provide essential context for analytics data – or the “why” that explains the “what” of online behavior. How is your business generating actionable data with Google Analytics? Share your experience with us – we love hearing from our readers!

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