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Google Analytics Integration: Kampyle raises your Google Analytics to a new level

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new innovative service: Google Analytics Integration.

This new service integrates Kampyle’s Feedback Analytics data and Google Analytics’ Service into one view, allowing you, all our clients, to receive Kampyle’s analyzed feedback data directly in Google Analytic’s interface.

Kampyle Feedback Analytics on GA Dashboard

Kampyle’s Google Analytics integration allows you to know WHAT your users do on your site, as well as WHY they do it. Combining these two different data sources into one view on Google Analytics allows for a holistic and powerful insight into the online customer experience, giving you a better understanding of your online customers and increasing customer satisfaction and revenues. You can now learn how many of your users abandoned your shopping cart, catalog or homepage, as well as understand WHY they did so. Stop guessing and start reading the feedback they gave at those points.

The Kampyle ‘Google Analytics Integration’ is an exceptional way of getting to know your users’ needs on both the general view and for more targeted needs. By being able to monitor the number of feedbacks submitted, the Kampyle Feedback Analytics on GA Top Content user satisfaction grade and main issues reported on your site, all on your Google Analytics Dashboard, you are given a general overview of where you stand with your users. At the same time, you’ll be able to view the number of feedbacks, the average grade, and the most reported feedback, at a more targeted level, for each page on your website.

You can access additional information on that page by clicking on the Kampyle button that will redirect you to your account on Kampyle to view specific feedbacks per page.

Kampyle ‘Google Analytics Integration’ feature is a great new way in which Kampyle allows you to increase your customers’ satisfaction, site conversion rates and revenues.

TechCrunch has just published an article about this exciting latest addition on Kampyle – Read the TechCrunch article here.

Implementation is simple and easy

All you have to do is go to the Partners Setting section in ‘Administration’ (in the left navigation menu). Once there, simply enable Google Analytics Integration by marking the indicated check-box. The Partners Settings page contains detailed instructions that will guide you through each and every stage, allowing you to implement the feature and have it up and running in no time!

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