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Going Vertical with Customer Feedback Buttons

Providing your online visitors a way to share their issues and concerns with you is integral in creating an excellent customer experience. This feedback can be used for informed website optimization, lead generation and economical support. At the very least, it will stop angry customers from taking to the street with megaphones! Of course, every website has a unique look and feel and this post is the second in a series highlighting our clients’ creative customizations of our feedback button.

We previously covered some excellent custom designs of our traditional feedback button. Now we’ll take a look at some vertical, floating versions that many of our clients have found to be highly effective for collecting feedback.

The A1 Telekom Vertical Feedback Button

A1 Telekom, Austria’s national telecom company provides their customers with landline, mobile, internet and television services. To ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, feedback is collected on designated pages and processes throughout A1’s website. Their vertical feedback button, always visible in the bottom right-hand corner of their web pages, has been nicely customized to match A1’s overall site design.

The Conversion Rate Experts Vertical Feedback Button

Conversion Rate Experts, an international web-marketing consultancy is known for pioneering a new approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO) called the CRE Methodology™. The company serves clients like Apple, Sony, Google, Vodafone, SEOmoz, SEO Book and many others. As experts in facilitating online conversions, they have found that customer feedback is an intrinsic component in this process. Additionally, they are using Kampyle’s Net Promoter Score feedback forms to measure this important customer satisfaction metric. Conversion Rate Experts’ vertical button blends in nicely with their site design, yet is fully visible at all times, floating on the right-hand side of their web pages.

The Folica Vertical Feedback Button

Folica is an e-commerce site that “is all about the hair”. The company is dedicated to educating their clients about the hottest hair trends and providing them with the best new hair products and tools available on the market. They are clearly focused on providing excellent customer experience with their engaging, vertical feedback button. Site visitors can click on the button for a quick and easy way to share feedback, access customer service and get answers from the experts on all their hairy questions.

The GoldMoney Vertical Feedback Button

Established in 2001, GoldMoney offers their international customers the ability to buy precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium and silver. The company also provides secure storage facilities in Zurich, Hong Kong and London. Their vertical button, floats on the right-hand side of their website, clearly inviting visitors to share their feedback.

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