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Kampyle announces the end of its Closed Beta Phase and reveals interesting insights: out of the online customers submitting feedback, 73% will provide a detailed feedback, 56% would like to hear back from the website owner and are willing to submit their real email address!

Boston, MA, July 08 2008 – Kampyle, the pioneering vendor in the field of Feedback Analytics, has announced today the end of its Closed Beta Phase. In mid March this year Kampyle launched their Closed Beta, delivering a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to measure and manage website users’ feedback on services, products and customer experience. Over 1000 new clients joined the Kampyle Feedback Analytics Service during its Closed Beta phase and many new exciting features were added to the Service. The Kampyle Feedback Analytics Service is now available to everyone on the company’s website: www.kampyle.com

In today’s belt-tightening times for the industry, one cannot disregard his online customers. More and more companies are turning to user-generated feedback as a way of increasing their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty levels, as well as their sites’ conversion rates. By using Kampyle, website owners are showing that they realize that ‘hearing’ your customers is not the same as ‘listening’ to them, and that their site’s users are sensitive to this distinction. Kampyle CEO Ariel Finkelstein: “All sites, of all sizes and shapes, no matter what the profile of its users is, benefit from Kampyle. Our Closed Beta Phase has shown us that 73% of the users that submit feedback – submit detailed feedback, and that users expect to hear back from website owners regarding their feedback. Furthermore, we have found that with Kampyle, website owners respond better to feedback, and that feedback follow-ups have a huge impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction: it really works and our client’s reactions prove it”.

Results have been swift for many of Kampyle’s clients: “Kampyle is a simplified efficient feedback process that works. With the easy “plug and play” system, we gained instant access to our users thoughts, allowing better response time and accuracy. Through Kampyle we have a real dialogue with our audience” says Shawn Stein from Aniboom. With the ending of Kampyle’s Closed Beta, Ariel Finkelstein welcomes this change in the perception of user generated feedback: “I think website owners are now beginning to understand the importance of closing the feedback loop, that is, encouraging your users to submit feedback, reviewing it, then replying to it with a status update. Kampyle’s job is to make this easy”.

Kampyle offers its clients the following main features:

  • Simple Integration: Adding the Kampyle Feedback Form to a website is as simple as adding a link. There are no implementation costs. You can have the Kampyle service working on your site in 10 minutes.
  • Customization: Website Owners can create a Feedback Form that matches the “Look and Feel” of their site: choose the colors, the logo, the categories and sub-categories, and make the Feedback Form their own.
  • Translation to over 60 languages: If your site’s content is in one language, why should your Feedback Form be in another? Website owners can now translate any given Feedback Form Instance to over 60 languages.
  • Actively asking for feedback from online users: If a user is abandoning the shopping cart, why not ask him why is he leaving? This feature allows website owners to prompt a certain percentage of their users to submit a feedback before they leave the webpage.
  • Feedback Management: Kampyle’s Feedback Management system allows website owners to view feedbacks in a simple and easy to use interface, grouping similar items together, and thus saving you valuable time and effort.

Find out more about the Kampyle Online Feedback Analytics Management Platform at the company’s website www.kampyle.com

About Kampyle:

Kampyle is a leading vendor of Feedback Analytics Management Services. Kampyle’s services are designed to assist companies to measure and manage customer experience. Its cutting edge technology delivers Kampyle’s customers a high quality Feedback Analytics Management Platform allowing them to easily collect, analyze and mange users feedback and respond to their users feedback.

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