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Gain a Powerful New Perspective – Kampyle Integrates with Clicktale

Kampyle has consolidated its Feedback Solutions platform by joining forces with ClickTale, the industry leader in heatmapping. With the ability to literally peer across your visitors’ shoulder as they navigate your page, new opportunities to optimize your business performance are only a click away.

Success Based on Knowledge and Insights

The impact of Kampyle on your business and the benefits you gain may vary: Kampyle helps you to excel in engaging with your users, generating and nurturing leads, closing automatic or direct sales, running effective marketing campaigns and optimizing your website. Whatever business challenge you are focusing on while using Kampyle, the basic concept stays the same: the more you know about your visitors and customers, the better position you will be in to reach your goals.

Smart Integrations for Smart Business

It is Kampyle’s expertise that provides you with valuable insight into one of your most critical customer segments, your feedback providers. While we constantly improve our Feedback Solution in response to newly emerging needs, we also see immense importance in strategic partnerships that add to your business intelligence. Our previous integrations with such selected partners as Google Analytics, Omniture, and comScore (formerly NedStat) all broaden your view of the latest trends.

ClickTale: Watch Reasons for Feedback

We are happy to announce today our integration with ClickTale, the leader in customers’ online behavior analysis, providing you with additional feedback intelligence.
Now you can watch the user experience and site interaction of your feedback providers through recorded browser sessions. Intelligently analyze their experience of your site by observing their every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke. Understand exactly what the visitor experienced and the underlying reasons behind the issues raised in the feedback.

Feedback is Your Alarm System

As much as positive feedback may be flattering, it is constructive criticism that will help you to improve! Kampyle’s feedback solution makes you aware of your customers’ pain-points and what usability and operational issues need to be fixed. After being alarmed by Kampyle and your feedback providers, you can understand through ClickTale recordings what went wrong during your customers’ browsing sessions:

  • What obstacles prevented your visitor from being a satisfied user of your website?
  • What happened before your visitors abandoned their shopping carts?
  • Where did your sales funnel become too confusing?
  • What are missing functionalities on your site?


Achieve a New Level of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a key to turn visitors into customers. As customers today are more selective, demanding and independent, suitable customer engagement requires relevant communication that reflects actual user experience. Cultivating the relationship with your feedback providers through Kampyle gives you the privilege to base your engagement on customer-led communication. Adding ClickTale’s user behavior analysis adds a new paradigm in the quest to find the right way to approach your customers:

  • Act on feedback more efficiently by examining the ‘behind-the-scenes’ view behind the feedback submitted.
  • Engage more intimately with your customers by getting into their shoes as they “walk around” your site.
  • Discover what is interesting on your site and what is not liked about it, even though it was not explicitly mentioned in the feedback.

Ready to Go the Extra Mile for Hot Leads?

Kampyle is a proven lead generation tool, as its inviting feedback forms prompt feedback providers to share their genuine contact details with you. Based on the business and forwarding rules you defined in your Kampyle account, leads will be answered either automatically or forwarded to your direct sales team.

For your direct sales team taking care of your hottest and most valuable leads, every piece of information is critical in finding the right sales pitch. Kampyle provides you with the most vital information: mainly the concern expressed in the feedback, the webpage the feedback originated from, technical user data, etc.

Viewing the ClickTale sessions recording of hot leads gives you another advantage to close the deal:

  • Examine what interests them about your site and become more aware of preferences and purchase intentions.
  • Armed with better insights, you can more effectively formulate sales strategies.


Capture Insights for Smarter Lead Nurturing

You cannot avoid the fact that you might not be able to convert leads, because they are most likely not ready to buy. At this point sales and marketing have to join forces to nurture those leads. Kampyle’s email opt-in gives your marketer a good start to build a meaningful dialog between your company and viable prospects. While Kampyle’s feedback solution makes it easy for you to focus on nurturing leads with sincere interest in your offerings, ClickTale’s recordings can help you determine where the leads are in their purchasing cycle.

Powerful Perspective for Powerful Results

The joint solution is easy to implement and is available immediately upon request. All it requires is an active Kampyle and ClickTale enterprise account. 

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