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Feedback and Lead Generation Going Mobile

Kampyle ensures that Feedback Forms stay an exemplary user experience on Smartphones

Mobile consumers and website visitors are an enormous marketing potential and challenge. In response, Kampyle has launched a set of new features for optimized mobile browsing and feedback submission. Initial results from Kampyle customers have shown an impressive 180% increase of mobile feedback.

Mobile Browsing and Smartphone Customers on the Raise

According to StatCounter mobile browsing tripled its share during 2010 and accounted for 3% of all browsing. By the end of Q1 of 2011 already 4.49% of browsing was via mobile devices and a comparison done this week showed a 5.56% share.

Mobile users are known for their purchasing power and for being action oriented. According to Google’s study “The Mobile Movement”, published in April 2011, 74% make a purchase as a result of using their phone during the shopping process.

Online marketing will have to adapt, to take mobile browsing into its marketing mix and to target Smartphone users.

Kampyle’s Enhanced Mobile Browsing Capabilities and Reporting

It is Kampyle’s mission to ensure that our customers stay ahead of new developments, and we therefore released a line of features that helps our customers to convert Smartphone users by providing the best possible mobile user experience and detailed analytics.

Kampyle’s data collection tools are now fully compatible with leading platforms such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry. The enhanced mobile support ensures that the user experience on a mobile platform is consistent with the website and enables the feedback button and feedback form to correctly appear in:

  • Mobile sites and mobile browsers
  • Non-JavaScript mobile browsers
  • Rotated/landscape view

For Kampyle’s Enterprise customers we incorporated additional features to target and analyze mobile site visitors and consumers:

  • Optimized Mobile Feedback Form: This feedback form distinguishes itself by a slim design and easy use for visitors navigating a site from a mobile device. Answering the concepts of mobile design and user experience, these feedback forms hold no categories or sub categories, but immediately direct the user to the text box for easy submission of feedback. Kampyle automatically recognizes feedback requests from mobile devices and instantly presents the new mobile Feedback Form to these users.
  • Mobile Reporting and Analytics: Allows Enterprise customers to follow up on mobile feedback in a separate dashboard reporting Mobile vs. non-Mobile feedback and breakdown the data by leading mobile devices.
  • Inbox Filtering by Mobile Device: Mobile Filtering has been added to Kampyle’s Feedback Inbox to show only mobile feedback or to filter the received feedback per specific mobile device.
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