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EyeBuyDirect.com turns “window shoppers” into customers with Feedback Analytics

An informed e-tailer leverages his greatest asset – customer feedback – to turn casual visitors into loyal, returning purchasers. EyeBuyDirect.com, the leading online eyeglasses shop, is using Kampyle to do just that. After moving from a basic quantitative analytics solution to Kampyle’s Feedback Analytics, EyeBuyDirect.com saw an immediate benefit. With a clear understanding of why its customers make certain choices online, EyeBuyDirect.com now has a conversion rate of at least 30 percent and a reliable method for optimizing inventory based on clearly communicated customer wishes. EyeBuyDirect.com uses Kampyle to answer business questions critical to its success:

  • Where should we place ads?
  • Which frames should we stock in greater quantities?
  • Which products should we stop selling?
  • Are customers more likely to buy if they use our virtual dressing room?
  • Does our Web site make it easier or more difficult for customers to complete purchases?

Kampyle Feedback Analytics deliver detailed answers to these queries, as well as to the all-important question of why customers make the choices they do.

It is that level of personal input that helps EyeBuyDirect.com and thousands of other Kampyle users move their customers from “window shoppers” to satisfied buyers.

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