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Eurostar Uses Kampyle to Optimize Online User Experience and Increase Revenue

Eurostar is the only high-speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe and takes thousands of people a day to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Calais, Disneyland® Paris and more. Since the start of services in 1994, Eurostar has carried over 150 million passengers.

Eurostar believes that the customer is the key driver behind its digital strategy. The company relies on Kampyle’s digital Voice of Customer solution to connect with customers, and consistently and systematically improve customer experience.

The Challenge

Eurostar wanted to find out what its customers considered the most important factors when traveling with Eurostar, in order to optimize their online experience. The company wanted to find this out in the most thoughtful, unobtrusive manner, with minimal impact on the customers’ journey.

The Solution

Eurostar used Kampyle’s VoC solution to run a survey asking customers to explain their reason for travel (short holiday, long holiday, visiting friends and family, business) and who they were traveling with (friends, alone, a family with young kids, partner etc). After running the survey, Eurostar used Kampyle’s advanced targeting and filtering capabilities to segment the different types of customer users and personas, based on their answers.

Now Eurostar could be even more specific with their targeting, and ran another survey asking the segmented customers to choose the 3 factors most important to them when considering booking with Eurostar.

“The survey we ran identified which USPs are most important to each type of visitor meaning that we don’t need to trial lots of different variations of USPs, since we know from the customer which is the most important.”

Ryan Fox, Digital Optimization Manager at Eurostar

By targeting specific customers based on how they used Eurostar, and their reasons for traveling, Eurostar was able to get specific, valuable feedback which they knew was relevant to the customer it wanted to target.  Eurostar saved time and money by eliminating the guesswork and going straight to the source.

Benefits and Results

Eurostar now knows exactly which USPs to focus on and prioritize on their site, in order to draw customers in and increase conversion rate and revenue. Using this information, Eurostar can also personalize tasks and content in order to optimize the customers’ online experience.

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