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The Essential Customer Experience Toolkit [free]

  • Customer Experience Toolkit

Businesses today operate on an unprecedented global scale, serving millions of customers on a daily basis. We collect and analyze massive amounts of customer data, constantly tweaking our customer’s experience in the pursuit of stronger performance. But as we pursue performance at scale, we run the risk of losing touch with our customer’s experience, motivations and needs.

Over the past seven years Kampyle has helped hundreds of businesses understand millions of customer interactions and improve their customer experience. Along the way, we developed a series of exercises that help our customers use their customer feedback to deliver the actionable insights that improve their customer experience.

We call these exercises The Essential Customer Experience Toolkit. This toolkit includes three great resources to help you get started.

  1. The Customer Experience Project Brief
    This brief will help you focus and refine your customer experience efforts by clearly defining your objectives, learning agenda, resources and plan of action.
  2. The Customer Insights Vendor Review
    This comprehensive feature checklist will help you organize and prioritize your vendor options.
  3. The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet
    Don’t waste your time collecting and analyzing the wrong feedback. This cheat sheet will help you meet six common business objectives by defining the right KPIs and collecting the right customer data together with your customer feedback.

Download The Essential Customer Experience Toolkit and start improving your customer experience and your business performance.

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