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Enterprise Feedback Visualized with Screen Capture

As companies become increasingly customer-centric, online feedback is playing a major role in ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard, loud and clear. Quick, intuitive and easy-to-use feedback forms have definitely made a significant impact in getting more customers to share their concerns and issues. However, sometimes, words are just not good enough to convey the problem. For example, customers who are pressed for time (like most of us) might not fully describe a particular usability issue. Alternatively, there might be too much descriptive data that needs to be entered, like a lengthy product id, making it unlikely that your customer will even bother to share their feedback.

Now I Can See What You Mean

The simple solution to all this is Kampyle’s screen capture feature that allows online visitors to create and edit a screenshot of what they are seeing and submit it along with their feedback. Using the cross-platform, screen capture tool, customers can easily zero in on the relevant part of a page or process with Selection and Highlighting tools. Personal details and other sensitive content can be masked, while free-text comments allow for a written description to be included as well. Advanced filtering allows you to focus on feedback items that include annotated screenshots, as well as intelligently distribute to the relevant teams or persons. With the visual feedback greatly clarifying customer issues, any follow-up or necessary optimization is much more effective and efficient.

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