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Enhancing the Online Media and News Experience

Our recent case study with Fairfax Digital provides guidance to the news and media space – an industry that without question is navigating a challenging period. With free, quality content readily available online and a plethora of popular blogs and niche news sites, newspapers are challenged with issues like subscription fees and competing for advertising budgets.

With online and mobile consumption of news content rapidly rising, the industry also needs to constantly evaluate the user interface and experience. Issues such as “lean forward vs. lean back” and other UX topics need to be carefully researched and analyzed before implementing any major changes.

In light of this, customer feedback is essential for media companies looking to retain and grow their audiences. Knowing their visitors’ expectations and needs, gives them a competitive edge when delivering the freshest content and most cutting-edge experience. Case Study: Fairfax Digital Leads the Way with Customer Feedback Fairfax Digital is Australia’s leading provider of news and classifieds. Their Metro Media Division publishes the prominent news sites, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, and WA Today, which combined receive over 15 million monthly visitors.

As a Kampyle client collecting and acting on customer feedback, they have had significant and measurable success in improving and managing their online user experience. Our case study reveals what challenges they were facing and how Kampyle was able to help them:

  • Enhance user experience with real time detection and correction of website issues
  • Reduce time and effort required for problem-solving and site optimization by overlaying feedback with visitor profile information
  • Streamline the sharing of feedback and data with relevant teams for efficient and informed action taking
  • Decrease negative feedback by 50% over a 12 month period
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