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Enhancing the Customer Experience to Improve Customer Support

  • Customer Experience

Being responsive from a customer support perspective is critical to both solidifying customer loyalty and efficiently running a business. Any actions you can take to reduce wait time, speed resolution times and provide a better experience throughout the process will have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction ratings, NPS scores and ultimately – sales.

Providing a great digital customer experience will significantly decrease the amount of calls that require live support and lower overall costs. To design a better customer experience, you first need to understand your customer expectations and needs. A well deployed Voice of the Customer program will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by addressing the root causes of support calls
  • Improve your self-service offerings, ensuring that customers can quickly find the answers they seek
  • Deploy live chat solutions more effectively as you will already know the specific issues that prompt service requests and the solution information that you need to include in your database – a task that typically takes months to complete and implement

Leverage Your Voice of the Customer Platform to Understand Support Challenges

A well deployed Voice of the Customer program will make it easy to learn why your customers are frustrated and where you should focus your resources to improve customer experience. Here’s are a few sample setups that can quickly and easily increase your support performance:

Address the Root Cause of Support Needs

Before you look into improving how your team deals with support cases, determine why customers are requiring live assistance in the first place. By addressing the root cause at the start – at the touchpoint where frustration first starts to occur – you can save the cost of thousands of support calls. To identify the source of the problem:

  1. Ask customers that use your email, chat and phone support where they got stuck. It’s one thing to track the issues themselves in your CRM system, but it’s also important to discover where the challenge occurred in the first place. Then you can create an engaging dialog with the customer to learn more about their issues and how to best address them.
  2. Track the most common issues, customer personas and problematic touchpoints in the customer journey.
  3. Target these customer’s personas and touchpoints with prominent requests for feedback.
  4. Link your customer analytics to their feedback to understand their journey prior to leaving feedback and determine the reason for the customer’s confusion.
  5. Update your design, features and functionality to improve the customer experience. Use the feedback you collect from a Voice of the Customer program to continuously enhance customer experience. By removing the underlying causes of customer confusion, you will reduce their need for live support and therefore lower costs.

Improve Self-Service Solutions

For most customers, self-support will be the first thing they turn to when facing an issue. By optimizing the resources you provide them at this stage, not only do you limit the cost of providing live-support, you improve the customer experience at a critical point – the first sign of a problem. To improve your self-service support solutions:

  1. Target customers who have read more than two self-support articles in a single session with a large invitation to share their feedback.
  2. Then, ask these customers to rate their satisfaction with your self-support content and find out how you can improve it.
  3. Add new self-support content (or improve your current content) to address their responses as needed.

Enhance Live Chat Implementations

While catching issues and improving the experience before it reaches support chat solutions can have a greater impact on your support volume, improving how your team handles issues at this stage is vital for optimizing the customer experience.

  1. Using your web analytics, identify where in your funnel customers are dropping off.
  2. Use customer feedback to understand what people need at different touchpoints – and then give it to them.
  3. Pinpoint exactly when to deploy live chat at specific touchpoints – targeting the right customer personas at the right time will help optimize both support processes and revenue generation.

To learn just how easily you can improve your customer support operations and lower costs by delivering a better customer experience, book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with one of our success managers, today.

Customer Experience

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