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E-mail Marketer Bronto Using Kampyle to Dig Up Customer Feedback

Dinosaurs get a bum rap for being outdated, obsolete creatures. The bright green brontosaurus welcoming visitors to e-mail marketer Bronto’s Web site is helping to change that perception.

Along with the image of its Jurassic icon, forward-thinking Bronto gives visitors and customers on its site a Kampyle Feedback Form in the corner of each page. Direct input from users helps Bronto, an award-winning firm, maintain a competitive advantage in its field.

“We chose Kampyle for our feedback analytics because we found that we weren’t able to isolate the full reason why people were bouncing off of our site,” said Sally Lowery, Bronto’s director of demand generation. “Kampyle is a great tool for us to analyze what’s working and what isn’t working, beyond what traditional analytics does.” Lowery said Kampyle has helped Bronto identify problems the company didn’t realize it had on the site and offer customers something they had been silently yearning for: an easy way to deliver feedback to the company. Bronto is using Kampyle to build stronger connections to its customers, an essential action for smart e-tailers who wish to avoid becoming internet fossils.

Watch the Bronto video testimonial:

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