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Dutch Customized Feedback Forms

Good news for Kampyle’s customers from the Netherlands as well as for our customers targeting an international audience: Kampyle’s Custom Feedback Form Library is now available in Dutch!

If you spent your good money on having your website translated and localized, don’t overlook to do the same with your feedback forms. With Kampyle you can, without spending a dime. Approaching your Dutch speaking customers in their native language is now easier than ever! Customize your Dutch feedback forms according to your vertical market, the web process and site section involved by simply choosing from a wealth of pre-designed forms. Each form may be populated with the relevant categories and sub-categories to ensure that you receive structured feedback suitable for rules defining the desired actions.

Our special thanks go to Lex Den Doop from our partner ECOMMERCEPARTNERS.NET for providing such an accurate and optimized translation.

Stay in touch, more translations of the Library are to come soon!

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