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Don’t Flunk the Customer Satisfaction Finals!

  • Don't wait for customer satisfaction final exams

Effective customer experience management can save your company from publicity disasters.

School is almost out for the summer and students are busy preparing for their final exams and wrapping up research projects. Most have a pretty good idea of where they stand, thanks to grades on homework assignments they’ve been doing all year, tests, quizzes and everyday participation in classes. But in some courses, the entire years’ grade depends on one final exam or project. And those students who have been happy to slack off all year are quaking in their boots.

The yearly publication of the American Customer Satisfaction Index puts more businesses than you’d expect in the position of students whose entire grade depends on one final project or exam. Companies that don’t have effective, real-time tools for monitoring – and even more importantly – identifying the causes of poor customer service, website glitches, and inattention to what customers want and need are now getting their final grades for the year. And based on results, like the travel industry satisfaction scores reported by Bloomberg Businessweek, way too many should be grounded. Or at least sent to bed without supper tonight.

While many companies seem to be dropping the ball on keeping customers satisfied, customers are more aware than ever about which companies to avoid, thanks to social media. Today, keeping customers satisfied requires constant vigilance and attention.

Customer experience management solutions like Kampyle allow enterprises to learn about customer concerns and importantly, build satisfaction and loyalty before disgruntled customers go public on social media. For companies like yours that want to stay at the head of the class, gathering feedback from all customer touchpoints and addressing the issues uncovered in real time is as essential as listening in class.

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