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Customize Your Feedback Form!

Hello there Kampyle users,

It’s been quite hectic here at Kampyle lately, and many things have changed. A lot of website owners have been joining us, and are now using Kampyle on a daily basis. Meanwhile, we have been working very hard to incorporate new and exciting features on Kampyle, as well as to ‘fine tune’ some existing functionalities.

Unfortunately, as a result we haven’t had time to update the blog on a regular basis for a while, but that is about to change. We thought we would restart our blog with a series of posts on Kampyle’s newest features, keeping you, our users, up to date on the latest changes and additions. We will publish a new post every few days, each time on another Kampyle functionality. We will start with the present post on Feedback Form Customization, followed by posts on Feedback Form Translation, User Integration and Push Mechanism. We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from them.

Feedback Form Customization

One of the most important features we have added lately is the Feedback Form Customization option, which allows our users to create a feedback form that is ‘tailored’ to their specific needs. The Customization option is one of the things that make Kampyle stand out as a feedback Analytics Platform among other services available on the net. Surveys and polls services can go a long way, but Kampyle is about more than just information; it’s about comunication with your clients. Now, with the Customization feature, you can get the most relevant feedbacks from your clients, view and manage them in the way that suits you best, and notify your customers of the actions taken.

While working with our users, we have come to understand that since every website naturally targets a specific audience, it would only make sense that every website owner should want feedback on specific topics and areas of his site. It is this realization that drove us to develop a tool that allows them to do just that! As a Kampyle user, you can now create a feedback form that looks and feels just the way you need it to: choose the colors, choose the icons, choose the feedback button that matches your users, your site, and your web page .

More importantly, the customization feature allows you to create feedback categories and sub-categories that correspond exactly to your web site’s user’s needs. Tailoring the Feedback Form to your specific needs is an important step towards receiving better, high quality feedbacks as well as managing them with greater efficiency .

We’ve already received some great feedback from our users. Several e-commerce websites have told us that the Customization feature is a great way to pinpoint and solve problems reported by users, on the spot and where it counts. Some of them created separate feedback forms for the homepage, the product catalogue pages, and the shopping cart page. This opens the possibility to create fitting categories that address issues regarding each section specifically, enducing the users to submit their reactions. In this way, they were able to look for, and find some answers to their site’s most painful questions: “why do users leave shopping carts mid-purchase?”, and “what makes users decide to stop the registration process?” are some prominent examples.

The Feedback Form Customization feature has a real impact on the feedback you get. Many of our users have told us how much they are benefiting from the possibility of ceating a specific feedback form for every section of their site. . All in all, Feedback Form Customization is a tool that will help you raise customer satisfaction and get higher conversion rates. We hope that many more will make good use of these new possibilities.

Check out the feedback form Customization feature in the Administration menu, and create the feedback forms that you need.

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