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Customer Feedback to Optimize Intranets and Business Hubs

Many manufacturers, in a wide range of industries, rely on a network of distributors and dealers to sell their products. To help facilitate their distributors’ selling process, manufacturers provide sales enablement material such as extensive and up-to-date product specs, technical details, price calculators and documentation for complex RFQs. Typically, this information is made available via a private self-serve website or intranet. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and business hubs designed to help partners, do just the opposite.

I’ve Got a Problem But I Don’t Know What it is

Kampyle clients in this space have seen how lack of visibility into the user experience not only let usability problems go on for too long, but also greatly hampered informed site redesigns and decision making. For example, before using Kampyle, one of our manufacturing clients faced the following challenge:

Optimizing Sales Enablement with Feedback

By using Kampyle’s feedback platform across their entire intranet, the company enjoyed the following results and benefits:

The detailed feedback that was collected online, eliminated guesswork and assumptions in the re-design process, and made it crystal clear what areas needed improvements, optimizations or other changes.

The newly revamped site now truly facilitates dealer sales efforts, with easy access to essential information and documentation.

Ongoing feedback collection keeps management aware of any usability issues, with the relevant teams informed in real-time so they can take the appropriate action.

The feedback platform also streamlines and economizes customer support with customizable auto-response emails, and intelligent prioritization, escalation and distribution of dealer feedback.

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