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Customer Feedback: A Practical Guide

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are searching for every advantage they can get. As technology and manufacturing advances make it harder to compete on pricing and features, companies are increasingly focusing their efforts on creating stellar customer experiences as a way to differentiate. Companies that are able to deliver a great customer experience can reap enormous rewards: increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn, higher customer lifetime value and increased revenue.

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In order to improve customer experience, an intimate understanding of the customer is required. Understanding their motivation, frustrations, mindset and intent is key to making sure that you can improve the customer experience and deliver on their expectations. And there is no better way to understand your users than engaging with them directly and collecting their feedback.

Customer Feedback: A Practical Guide puts together the best practices to help you effectively engage with your customers to collect feedback. We take you through our seven-step methodology to help you plan engagement – including defining KPIs, mapping out customer journey and touchpoints, data integration and acting on insights – as well as an in-depth review of all the main engagement methods, to help you successfully collect feedback.

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