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Customer Experience – Turning Bad into Exceptional

Call me a storyteller, fine with me. But when I come across an exceptional customer experience driven by feedback, I cannot hold my horses.

So this is the story how I got blamed as a spammer, wrote angry feedback and received a lovely email that definitely made my day.

Spammer? Who? Me!?!

Last week I came across an inspiring article at TechnologyReview.com and felt like saying thanks to the author. I have no problem signing up at a website to be allowed to comment on articles. That is perfectly fine with me, and so I did. After a quick and easy sign-up, I submitted my comment, and immediately received a message, saying that my comment will not be published as it was categorized as spam.

At that point, even the quick, free sign-up was too much a waste of time, as I was being denied my goal of leaving my comment. I certainly needed a valve to release my frustration, and found it in the feedback feature on the website. Here is what I submitted:

What a welcome!

Got to one of your articles and found it that good that I was ready to register only for being able to comment on the article. My comment did not hold any link, any offensive content – and immediately after the submission I was prompted the message: This comment has been flagged as spam and will not be submitted.

Well, I have no problem that automatic filters are installed to reduce spam on blogs (running my own ones) but that simply felt so bad and wrong that – I am pissed off.

With having said what I felt I had to, and reaching out to the author via email, the case was closed for me. A bad taste remained that I signed up at another place where I had no intention to leave a comment ever again.

Feedback is there to act upon

Not expecting any response from TechnologyReview, Brent Turner, CTO/VP, Product Development at MIT’s Technology Review and MIT’s News Office delighted me today with his email: Apology, explanation and correction (publishing my comment) – is there more you can ask for? Of course Brent turned my customer experience with TechnologyReview around by 180%! Brent, whatever I can do for you, just knock at my door.

Thanks, Brent, also for reminding me that Internet’s special magic starts to sparkle when people across time and distance reach out to each other in a genuine way.

The challenge – Feedback as customer touch-points on scale

So I am the perfect example that the angry customers can become the biggest fan. I have no idea, why I was honored by such a personal response and whether TechnologyReview.com can do so with any feedback they receive.

For large online portals and e-commerce website, such personal responses to the customers are not always an option. That is why Kampyle puts much effort into a reporting system that segments and escalates feedback, where needed. This together with customized auto-replies can go a long way. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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