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Customer Experience Planning Workshop Next Week!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, 2016 is right around the corner. That means now is time to start planning how you will improve your customer experience.

With 82% of consumers ending business with a company due to a poor customer experience, it is no surprise that improving that experience is a top priority for organizations. Doing so effectively requires an understanding of your customers and where those poor experiences are occurring. Gaining such insights requires a Voice of the Customer program.

Whether you are evaluating your current voice of the customer and customer experience programs or starting a completely new one, Kampyle has the best way to get you a head start in 2016. On October 22nd at 11:00 EST, we’ll be hosting a webinar to walk you through the most important insights and conversations you should be leveraging, how to empower your customer-facing teams and how to put together a plan to improve your customer experience.

This will be a truly hands-on, interactive workshop to ensure you walk away with the beginnings of your plan already in motion. This course and the tools and worksheets we provide will be a powerful resource for you.

Register for the webinar here to join Kampyle CEO Ori Soen and Learn How to Plan your Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Programs!

For all of those looking to get started right away or even prepare for this webinar ahead of time, here is your summer reading list. These resources will get you started towards evaluating or planning your voice of the customer program:

Reading: Key Stats that Every Customer Experience Professional Needs to Know

Did you know that by 2016, Gartner research expects 89% of businesses to compete mainly on the basis of customer experience? Did you know mobile and tablets are increasingly becoming the preferred method of interaction and communication with brands? Understanding where the customer experience market is headed and what the biggest concerns of the industry are will help you put your own goals and challenges into perspective.

Assignment: Sit down with your team to get a better understanding of where your customer experience may be falling short and note some areas you’d like to see improvement in over the next year.

Reading: The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet

It’s okay to cheat, we don’t mind. Delivering the right customer insights can be a challenge for customer experience professionals. This resource will give you some quick tips and references for how you can improve your customer satisfaction, lower your bounce rate and, most importantly, measure your customer experience.

Assignment: Pull together all of the data you currently have about your customer experience. If you aren’t sure which are relevant, check out our blog Customer Experience KPIs – Which Ones Are Right for You?

If you’re reading to start Q4 committed to enhancing your customer feedback and investing in your customer experience for 2016, join us on October 22nd for this valuable workshop. If you aren’t able to complete any of the assignments above before then, don’t worry, we’ll give you the resources and information necessary to get your voice of the customer and customer experience programs on track in no time.

If you haven’t already registered for the webinar you can do so here. If you have, which aspect of the course is the highest priority for your business?

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