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The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet

  • customer experience cheat sheet

At Kampyle, we have learned that targeting specific customer touchpoints for feedback, and collecting the right metadata about each customer when they share their feedback will provide actionable insights that impact your bottom-line performance and your customer experience.

We created The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet to make it easy for any marketer or customer experience professional to collect feedback at the optimal customer touchpoints, with the right customer metadata to meet six business objectives.

For example, let’s say you want to increase your revenues by:

  1. Increasing your average order value
  2. Lowering your shopping cart abandonment rate

Collecting feedback on your product recommendations and throughout your checkout process will reveal how your customers feel and what frustrations they encounter at these pivotal touchpoints. The next step is to understand why your customer’s felt this way. Attaching the customer’s session recording and e-commerce metadata to each feedback message will reveal the customer’s experience prior to leaving their feedback.

These insights will help you improve your product recommendations to increase your average order value, and resolve customer frustrations at checkout to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Download The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet for six more examples of how you can create a real impact on your customer experience and business objectives.

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