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Continuous Feedback Improves Your Customer’s Experience [Image]

Over the past few years, Customer Experience Management has emerged as a mainstream business discipline with real bottom-line impact. As we helped hundreds of amazing businesses better connect with their customers, we learned that customer feedback delivers the strongest impact when collected across every customer touchpoint. By collecting continuous customer feedback, you can optimize every step of your customer journey and improving your performance.

For example, asking customers on your product pages about their experience will provide you with three optimization opportunities:

  1. This feedback will help you identify missing or incomplete product descriptions. Adding commonly requested information to your product descriptions will improve your conversion rate.
  2. Use the contact information collected in your feedback form to reply to your customers. Answering your customer’s product questions will help them make purchase decisions.
  3. Listen carefully to how your customers describe your product and your product features. Adopt common customer phrases on your product pages to improve both your conversion rate and your SEO.

This is just one example. Improve your customer experience by collecting continuous feedback across every customer touchpoint.

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