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Comprehensive Inbound Marketing

In celebration of the Marketing Transformation Week, April 4-8, 2011, HubSopt published a concise blog post on 12 Mind-Blowing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know.

Not unexpected, these stats foster the importance of Inbound Marketing, but they certainly do so in a very convincing way.

Whether or not Inbound Marketing, based on informative website content (Blogs, videos, white papers, eBooks, etc.), SEO and Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), will outplay traditional, “conventional”, Outbound Marketing, almost every company serious about marketing will take care nowadays to have a mix of these two approaches.

If your company invests into Inbound Marketing, Kampyle’s Lead Generation Solution is something you should consider.

The essence of Inbound Marketing is to understand the active role of your website visitors, users and potential customers. They are taking more active control of what information they want to receive, where and how. If inbound marketing’s core principal is that visitors find and come to your company, then this approach should not stop after your prospects arrived at your website! Keep as many communication channels as possible open for your visitors, e.g through Kampyle’s Feedback Form. Out of our experience we can say that such visitor induced communication is a proven way of lead generation with a conversion rate around 40% and should be part of what we call “Comprehensive Inbound Marketing”.

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