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Tune In to the Voice of Your Customer

Kampyle makes it easy to really listen to your customers, understand what they need, and act on it. Keep customers engaged in real time and get the insight you need to impact business results. Gather feedback at every customer touchpoint — on the web, on mobile and at points of sale.

In a world where competitors are just one click away, knowledge is not just power. It is the key to greater customer satisfaction and business impact.

Make Your Request for Feedback Inviting

Kampyle feedback invitations work better because they’re more inviting.  For almost eight years, we’ve been testing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to feedback invitations.  So you can trust us when it comes to designing a feedback invitation that will work for you.

One Feedback Program. Multiple Channels.

All of our feedback buttons and invitations are built from the ground up to support multiple channels, from the traditional desktop web to mobile phones to point-of-sale systems built on iPad or Android tablets.

It’s your brand and look and feel.  You control everything starting from the feedback buttons on your site to the feedback invitation itself.

With advanced capabilities to trigger a feedback invitation when someone is about to leave your site or abandons a transaction in mid-stream.

Turn Chaotic Data into Customer Insight.

The data that comes into your company via customer feedback tends to be messy, chaotic, and unstructured. To tame the chaos, Kampyle turns unstructured data into structured data for greater insight.

  • Word clouds
  • Clickable top terms
  • Color-coded sentiment indicators
  • Data filtering

We give you immediate insight into what your customers are telling you.

Move from Insight to Action.

Kampyle gives you the capabilities you need to quickly turn understanding of your customer into action so you can respond in real time. Read the customers’ digital body language on your site and route them to email, chat, or an FAQ as needed to stem shopping cart abandonment, reduce support costs, and more.

Become a customer experience hero today!

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