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City Beach Australia Uses Customer Feedback to Create Online “Hangout” to Increase Conversions

City Beach Australia – a retailer catering to young people who love skating, surfing and urban fashion – is known for the inviting atmosphere of its 60 locations across Australia. The company’s physical stores are fun places to hang out, with skate parks, DJs and other diversions to augment its apparel and accessory offerings.

City Beach wanted to replicate that feeling on its website. We helped them make that happen. In its first month of using Kampyle Feedback Analytics, City Beach Australia fielded 850 submissions from users that shaped the company’s approach to creating a hip website that matches the feel of its successful stores.

City Beach made the most of that customer-delivered information, integrating Kampyle with Google Analytics and funneling pointed critiques to stakeholders in its marketing, e-commerce and contact center departments. The results are as cool as hanging ten on a juicy wave.

Since implementing its new website initiatives including Feedback Analytics, City Beach Australia has seen a 30 percent increase in online sales and a 25 percent increase in conversion rates. The company has fulfilled its vision of using its greatest asset – its customers – to create an online store with the ambiance, appearance, products and functionality that drive sales.

Click here to read more about City Beach Australia’s success with Kampyle in our new case study, or check out the new video:

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