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Bringing CX to life with Voice of the Customer

Every few years a new trend such as social media marketing, mobile marketing or customer experience management hits the marketing field. These new trends generate a great deal of hype, attention and over time, investment. Savvy marketers are becoming increasingly adept at avoiding the empty hype and focussing on the real performance opportunities. In so doing, they build substantial business practices that impact both their brand strength and their bottom line.

One of the greatest challenges customer experience marketers and managers face is identifying where the CX hype ends and the real performance marketing begins. Every business faces dozens of opportunities to improve their customer experience. The challenge is identifying and improving the right customer experiences; those that deliver the strongest returns for your business and an optimal experience for your customers.

A strategic Voice of the Customer program will tell you where investment is needed, what changes are required and how these efforts will impact your business. Voice of the Customer guides your customer experience efforts, by putting the hard facts – quotes from your customer feedback and your business analytics – on the table.

For example, a Kampyle retail client started their customer experience marketing by planning a large, costly upgrade to their checkout process. Before starting this project, they approached Kampyle to validate their planned investment. Within days, the platform began collecting feedback that suggested that their current checkout process was not the problem. In fact, further digging revealed that customers enjoyed their current checkout process, and identified three other opportunities for improvement. By integrating their business analytics with their customer feedback, Kampyle helped them recognize a 26% boost in revenues within six months.

On May 20-21, leading marketers and customer experience professionals from around the world will gather at Customer Experience World in London. We are excited to be offering attendees a number of ways to start improving their customer experience through Voice of the Customer:

Additionally, we are excited to announce that Kampyle is now The Official Voice of the Customer Partner of Customer Experience World. We will be helping improve their customer experience by collecting customer feedback using our new multichannels platform/approach: online, at the event through QR codes and mobile feedback pages, as well as after the event through post-event emails.

If you will be at Customer Experience World, and would like to setup a private consultation at the conference, please contact us today. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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