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How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with Customer Feedback

With analytics, you can see where your customers are dropping off – but you can’t see the why.

Determining exactly which factors are keeping customers from converting can be extremely time consuming and tedious. What you need is a strategic Voice of the Customer program that uses target customer feedback to understand exactly what’s going on. It’s like having your customers whisper into your ear as they navigate through the sales process.

Being able to experience the customer’s journey from their perspective is critical for uncovering the root cause of suboptimal conversion rates. Once you can understand the customer’s needs and expectations throughout the buying process, you will know exactly what you have to change to improve your conversion rates. Creating a path to purchase that reflects customer preferences and removes friction across the funnel is the fastest way to dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Designing Customer Feedback Solutions to Maximize Insights

With customer feedback solutions, it’s easy to discover why your customers’ needs and expectations aren’t being met. However there are a few tricks to designing a program to amplify the results. Here’s a few:

Use analytics to understand where customers are dropping off

Look for common trends among customers who abandon your funnels. Are they all using the same browser, device or operating system? Are they all coming from a specific traffic source or sources? Are they visited at the same time of day, same day of the week or from the same geographic region? Are they leaving after putting one item in the cart or midway through the checkout process? Categorizing the personas and points in the buyer’s journey with high abandonment rates is an important step in understanding what went wrong.

Use large feedback invitations to touchpoints and personas with high drop-off ratesLarge feedback invitations are particularly effective for grabbing attention and increasing feedback rates. Also, make sure your Voice of the Customer automatically target all customers who abandon your site with a pop-up feedback invitation. By soliciting feedback from multiple points in the buying process, you can accelerate and scale your insights.

Get specific in your feedback requests

Only by asking targeted questions can you really know what you need to improve. Be sure to include the relevant customer metadata (e.g. customer profile, shopping cart value and item identifiers) with each customer’s feedback message. By customizing your feedback forms to the user and his/her point in the buying process, you can easily identify common trends and quickly resolve issues.

Analyze the feedback and align with customer needs. Customer response data will help you see what you need to do to smooth a buyer’s path to purchase. When considering your customer experience improvement projects, prioritize your efforts based on the projected impact on your conversion rates, as well as the time needed to implement an improvement. Small, quick wins are often more impactful than large, scaled improvements.

A well-constructed Voice of the Customer initiative is an ideal way to understand why your customers aren’t moving forward with their intended purchases. Getting answers directly from the source – your customers – provides the clearest picture of both your current situation and what you need to do in the future to be more successful.

To learn how you can improve your conversion rates with by providing enhancing the customer journey, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with our customer success team today.

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