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Automatically Recognize Logged-in Users’ Feedback with User Integration

Does your website have a member’s area? Do you want to know what feedback was provided by your registered users? Would you like to seamlessly get their contact details when they provide feedback? This can easily be achieved with “User Integration”.

Kampyle’s User Integration feature integrates with your system to automatically recognize your logged-in users, and allow you to receive contact details for every feedback submitted, without asking for it again.

You already have the contact information of your logged in users. Why ask them for it again when they provide feedback?

User Integration makes life easier for users and website owners alike.

Here is how it works: A simple implementation procedure allows Kampyle to automatically recognize your website’s logged-in users. When they submit feedback (while logged-in), Kampyle will attach their contact details to their feedback, without them having to enter them again in the feedback form.

For the users, it’s just like submitting any other feedback, only faster. For you, the website owner, it significantly increases your ability to get back to your users, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately improve your website.

User Integration

This feature was created especially for websites member’s areas or other types of login systems and it can make a real difference for your website.

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