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What if you could ask your customers… anything?

A couple of months ago we took an informal survey of fashion and eRetail executives. Our question was simple: if you could ask your customers anything, what would you ask them? Their answers were amazing.

Every single executive we approached wanted to ask their customers why they were not completing their purchases. Their analytics told them that many customers were not checking out, but their analytics could not explain why these customers left without checking out. The only way to learn why a customer leaves without a completing a purchase, is to ask them. Once you understand your customer’s experience, you will know how you can improve your bottom line.

Your customers want to share their opinions and frustrations, to be heard, and to be helped. The Kampyle team is here to help you start listening to and taking action on your customer feedback. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with one of our Success Managers to learn how customer feedback can improve your business.

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