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April Fools’ Prank: Enterprise Efficiency Feedback

Wouldn’t it be great to have your office running smoothly, without chasing after IT admins, cleaning and maintenance staff, or office managers? In all companies, time and money is wasted on reporting everyday mishaps such as missing paper in the printer, spoiled milk in the fridge, or overflowing waste baskets.

Peanuts you say? According to new research these disturbances are responsible for a 7% loss of working hours. So you better reconsider.

How Efficient Is Your Company?

Two months ago Kampyle was addressed by a long term client, who already had used Kampyle’s Feedback for Events, asking if there is way to implement feedback within a company to reduce this kind of time loss. Flexible as always, Kampyle got creative and is proud to announce its newly launched service – Enterprise Efficiency Feedback, helping companies to discover the pain points of their employees. Learn more…

Kampyle’s new service so far has been rolled out by two companies, and as their names are withheld, let’s call them Company A and Company B. Both of them have approximately 300 employees, and in both of these companies, departments and responsibilities are well established, but information and feedback flow is lacking an explicit internal structure.

QR codes everywhere

To make EEF work, IT administrators had to ensure that each employee had a QR reader installed on their mobile phone. QR codes were installed simply everywhere: on the furniture, printers, screens, PCs, waste baskets, etc. In addition each room has a QR code next to the light switches. A customized feedback form allows you to report any problem there might be from dirty window panes, broken lights to poor air conditioning.

Time and money is better spent than ever!

After only 3 weeks of using Kampyle’s EEF, the efficiency of Company A has risen enormously. Its CEO shared with us the following: “Our company is split over 5 floors, communication is sometimes hard. So Kampyle’s EEF looked very promising to us. Certainly we were worried that our employees would not use it. But just on the contrary – they love it. We cannot really say what it is, but complaints and problems submitted via the feedback systems are solved much faster than they were before. We assume that the fact these issues are recorded on our feedback systems, encourages the responsible person to react faster that they would have done in case they were only updated about it verbally. EEF makes it easy for the responsible person to decide which of the things have to be fixed first. Time and money is better spent than ever!”

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Each company has issues that tend to go undiscovered. If fixed they can enormously add to the efficiency of the company. “For example we received much feedback related to the office chairs. Every seventh employee had issues with them. We made this a priority – had chairs repaired where possible and also exchanged where needed. Our people are working hard, spending hour after hour sitting at their desks. You can imagine that they were happy to see how responsive we are to their feedback.” , explains Company A’s CEO.

EEF – it is not all about the negative

Of course the feedback system can also be used to record positive and encouraging comments. Actually first analyses show that approximately 25% of the employee feedback is positive. Employees are sensitive to well-done changes or tasks, and take the time to express their appreciation.

Of special interest to the companies is also the input they receive related to suggestions and ideas. “It is amazing how many good ideas are produced by our employees, of which we were not aware of before. The reason is simple: Many employees have ideas but sometimes lack knowledge whom to address in the company. With the EEF solution at hand, it is not the concern of the employee whom to address, it is only about expressing the idea as such. And – as enforced by the intuitive feedback forms – the idea is captured on the highest level. No need for time consuming detailed descriptions. Based on feedback, coming from employees not related to product management, we added many new products to our shop – which are now selling like crazy with our online customers!”, elaborates CEO of Company B.

“ManFeed” – for submitting anonymous feedback on managers

Company B wanted to enable their employees to give feedback on the management. Clearly this is a very sensitive process. Having privacy and – if requested – anonymity granted was an absolute precondition to have this service accepted by the employees. Kampyle established “ManFeed”, a light-weight mobile app, which allows the employee to give feedback anonymously. In this case all tracking information of the feedback submitter is deleted, before entering the feedback system.

“I had to put all my authority into this. Each employee has my personal word that this system will not be abused in any way. It is mainly about mediation, and of course this feedback is only accessible to the top management. The experience so far is very positive. Our employees are using the system responsibly. We also understand now what is the main concern of our employees: it is the work load on them, which in their eyes is not distributed fairly. We are using the system to mediate and restructure work flows where needed.”

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