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Adobe Report: Top 5 conversion opportunities for digital marketers

The recently published report Adobe® 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey holds some interesting insights and takeaways. While marketing teams should work to enhance traffic and lead generation, they clearly must be looking for optimization opportunities that will help translate more eyeballs into more revenue. With this in mind, the report’s finding, that for every $92 spent on acquiring traffic, only $1 is spent on optimizing websites, is extremely surprising.

Pouring more visitors into your funnels is not always the answer

Of course you have to get the process going, and driving relevant traffic to your site is where it all begins. But when talking about the return on your marketing investments, focusing on SEO, SEM or Inbound Marketing, isn’t always the answer. Optimizing your funnels and conversion rate only by a few percentage points will in most cases deliver higher returns, than paying more for acquiring new traffic. Successful online and digital marketing simply cannot ignore conversion optimization.

Where to begin with conversion optimization?

Start with having all relevant stakeholders in your company on board. Conversion optimization is a tactic that will bridge several of your departments and benefits greatly from the diverse input of your colleagues. In short, make conversion optimization a priority.

Adobe lists some additional “best optimization practices [that] can help digital marketers immediately improve conversion and returns on marketing investment”:

  • Use a data-driven approach to optimization
  • Optimize conversion with video
  • Optimize all mobile channels
  • Optimize social engagement

Optimizing for conversion is optimizing customer experience

You easily will be able to see which of the above suggestions are relevant for your business. While “content findability, automated recommendations and cross-sells, testing, and personalization” are core areas for optimization, keep in mind that conversion and funnel optimization, is first of all an optimization of the customer experience inside your funnels. Optimizing for conversion without putting your customer expectation and needs at the center of your focus, is likely to fail. Our friends over at Conversion Rate Experts summarized this approach with:

“You need to experience your business as a customer with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ (…) It is important to have customer empathy and to understand the thought processes your visitors are going through.”

(See also our interview with the founders of Conversion Rate Experts.)

Testing, testing, testing, but no blind testing

You created, with or without special attention, several paths (funnels) your visitors can take to conversions. Defining, monitoring and optimizing these funnels will clearly impact your bottom line. You will able to accelerate the process and results of your multivariate testing (MVT) or A/B testing, if your testing is based on as much data as possible. Enhance web analytics with customer feedback that gives you granular insight into current flaws and pain-points, to have more and faster marketing success.

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