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Actively ask for feedback – “Push” Mechanism

The Kampyle team has been putting a lot of focus on improving the quality of the feedbacks that website owners receive from their users. We have now decided to focus on another angle which has important repercussions for you, the website owner: quantity. As with many other things in life, in the case of quality user feedback – more is better. The Kampyle Feedback button gets the job done as far as allowing users to submit their feedback at any given point in your website, when they have a specific feedback. But not all users will encounter a situation that compels them to click the button and submit feedback. So how can you get your users to submit more feedback, letting you improve your site to suite their needs? Simply ask them for it! We’ve created a feature that allows you to prompt a certain percentage of your users to leave a feedback before they leave your site: a kind of “push mechanism”.

As usual in Kampyle, you decide how, when and where. All you have to do is create a feedback form instance in the Customization Wizard, and in the last page, choose how often you would like the system to ask the users to leave feedback before they leave the page. We have found that many of our clients chose to implement the Push Mechanism with different percentages, depending on the page: higher percentages in critical areas such as shopping carts and download pages, and lower percentages for pages of lesser priority.

After choosing the required percentage, a section of Javascript code will appear: paste the code section into you website’s code as instructed in the wizard, and that’s it!

Obviously, we’re not out to annoy your users…only the chosen percentage of them will be asked to submit a feedback, and the ones that are asked are only asked once.

Using Kampyle’s push mechanism is a great way to receive more feedbacks. Its effectiveness is proven: Kampyle clients that use the push mechanism receive substantially larger amounts of feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Get the push mechanism for your website now!

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