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3 Ways Net Promoter is Going Mobile

With smart phone use, SMS and the mobile app market growing rapidly, the opportunities to engage your customers, uncover their pain-points and enhance their experiences – mobile or otherwise—are enormous. While every business needs to evaluate what method would work best for asking customers for satisfaction-related feedback, most organizations can capitalize on the mobile revolution for measuring NPS. Here are just a few ideas of how to harness mobile technologies for collecting and measuring NPS.

Mobile Feedback Forms

As mobile browsing and m-commerce are rapidly becoming standard fare in the overall customer experience, companies offering mobile sites and apps should be collecting and measuring NPS on the mobile experience itself.

Feedback forms inserted unobtrusively in the mobile app or site offer customers the option to rate their experience on the NPS 0-10 scale as well as leave more detailed feedback about the rating they gave. Usability and other issues can be reported on while customers are still actively engaged with the mobile site or app, keeping the feedback fresh and accurate.


With SMS use skyrocketing (how many text messages did you send/receive today?), there is no doubt that this is a very important medium for communicating with customers. Recently, on the LinkedIn NPS Forum one European group member shared how telecoms and insurance companies send SMS messages asking customers to rate their recent experience with call centers. The customer simply responds via SMS with a NPS score and an optional comment.

QR Codes – Linking the Offline and Online Experience

Companies with multi-channel offerings, should consider collecting NPS for both their offline and online assets. One challenge with this however, is that offline and online NPS is usually collected separately. This makes benchmarking and other comparative analysis very difficult.

One option that can be employed is to import all the offline NPS data into a centralized system, together with online and mobile NPS data. A combined score from all sources can be generated, along with a segmented view where management can compare and contrast between the offline, online and mobile scores.

Another option that would eliminate the extra step of importing, would be using a QR code to generate a mobile feedback form. That way, a customer in a brick-and-mortar setting could rate their experience with the score going directly into the above-mentioned centralized system. This method might work well for businesses like car rentals where the customer is exposed for extended periods of time (i.e. in the car or at the rental agency) to brochures or posters that offer the possibility to share feedback via a QR code.

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