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3 Secrets to Implementing a Voice of the Customer Program on Time

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You’re ready to begin your Voice of the Customer program – you have the tools to start implementing, but where do you begin? Many companies suffer from failure to launch because they aren’t sure of the first steps they should take or because they feel the program will take too long to get off the ground and start seeing results.

In fact, starting a Voice of the Customer program does not have to take long, and before you know it, you will be seeing higher conversion rates and building customer loyalty and support. With the right strategy, you can begin seeing results in days, not months.

The sooner you start utilizing the tools you have, the faster you can analyze results and respond to customer’s needs. Here are some quick steps to begin your program:

Define Goals for Your Voice of the Customer Program

First, you should start with your strategy for the program and define what you’d like to learn from the customer. There are many different findings you can get out of a Voice of the Customer program, but you should begin with your company’s main goal. Are you looking to discover why shopping carts are abandoned or why customers are dropping off? Have a clear picture of your intended outcome and goals. To crystallize this point, check out your brands top 3 business goals, and see what actions on line can influence them. That way you’ll know where to focus your initial VoC interactions.


Build up from One to Multiple Channels

Customers want a seamless experience between multiple devices, and with the increasing use of tablets and mobile devices, it is more important than ever to gather customer feedback on multiple channels. However, if time and resources are a barrier to your deployment, it is best to start with one channel at a time.

After your goal is defined, start gathering your feedback on a single channel to get a real handle on your Voice of the Customer campaign and on the brand voice you’d like to convey. From there you can build surveys, create chats, and conduct interviews, all with the same brand defined look and feel.

How can you choose? Most brands kick off with their web interface. However, if you are encountering unexpected or surprising challenges on a different front, listening to your customers could definitely create a short cut to resolving those issues.

Use Free Trials as Test Runs

For most companies, one of the longest stages of a Voice of the Customer implementation is the procurement process. With a long procurement process you could potentially delay your project months while you not only evaluate different solutions, but slowly gain a better understanding of your needs and requirements.

To speed up this process, tune into Voice of the Customer products that offer free trials. This allows you to begin the implementation process while evaluating solutions so you can learn what really suites your needs and perform trial and error on the different solution options. Then, once the full process kicks in you are already well aware of what feedback you want to gain, what interactions provide these insights and what strategies you need to see your program become successful.

Finally, you now know what the Voice of the Customer is and have great insights. You have responded to their feedback and modified accordingly. Listening to the customer and making changes to better engage is a continuous process.

As customers share feedback in real-time, you need to be able to respond in real-time and be able to correct a situation, which can lead to higher conversion. Your customers are what keeps your business running and it is crucial to not only listen to what they are saying, but also to be able to analyze and respond accordingly. You must react to their digital body language to improve their overall customer experience – your customers are expecting this level of customer experience. Your new Voice of the Customer program can help you discover insights about your customer to improve their experience and your conversions.

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